Einvoicing If You’re In The Sports Business

electronic-invoiceVirtually any type of profession, and in particular those where you are often on the go as is the case when you are in the sports business, can benefit from electronic invoicing.

But before I let you know about why you should consider einvoicing, me just give you a short overview what it is.

Simply spoken, einvoicing means that you will be able to send and receive invoices over the Internet. This alone of course has already many advantages but it’s not only the speed of electronic invoicing which makes it so attractive.

One of its other advantages is that it can give you a tremendous amount of mobility since electronic invoicing allows you to do your invoices wherever you are as long as you have a smart phone or laptop on hand. Said differently, rather than having to sit down and then spend considerable time doing your invoices at home or in your office, you can now do invoices any time you want and in a much shorter time. Better even, depending on your profession you may not even require an office any longer.

Electronic invoicing is therefore ideal for all types of freelancers or the self-employed.

If you are like me, being a sports journalist or having a similar job, you will likely head from one sporting event to the other. I can now do invoices in the car or on breaks or basically in any moments of free time. Electronic invoicing has helped me significantly to cut down on time which I now have for other, more important things.

Last but not least, electronic invoicing is very affordable and really easy to do. At what is Einvoicing you can learn all about in case you have any questions.

So if you’re in the sports business and want to do things more efficiently, I recommended that you check out electronic invoicing because of the many benefits it will have.

The World’s Fastest Golf Buggy

fastest-golf-cartThe average golf buggy is not exactly a Formula One race car. In fact,  a typical golf cart won’t go much beyond 24 km/h.

Now, Plum Quick Motors revealed what they are calling a high performance golf cart that will go a staggering 190 km/h… faster than most normal cars today can even go!

Most golf carts move along with a bit of zip, but none come close to the speed achieved by Plum Quick Motors on October 31, 2014.

The astonishing golf buggy completing a quarter-mile of the track in only 12.241 seconds and thus earned itself a new Guinness world record,  beating the previous record of hundred 165km/h!

Surprise Entertainment in the UK

When you have watched the music and entertainment scene in the UK, you will likely have noticed the steep rise in popularity of what is called “surprise entertainment” in the recent years. Surprise entertainment encompasses such things like wedding singers where a group of singers may perform disguised as waiters (“Singing Waiters”), but also things like flash mobs. Basically, any type of entertainment that has a “surprise” component to it.


Surprise entertainment is highly popular in the UK.

Most of the time, surprise entertainment is the type of entertainment you can find at private weddings or parties.

People book those acts because they can make sure that they will make a deep impression, as compared to standard entertainment like bands or DJs.

But surprise entertainers are not just very popular for private parties and family events, they’re also highly in demand for “professional” entertainment like corporate entertainment.

One issue with surprise entertainment acts in the UK is that not all of them are equally good. In the same way as there are actors or musical bands that can be better or more popular than others, first class quality surprise entertainment acts in the UK are actually rather rare. Among the best and most popular right now are The Singing Waiters. This professional sing and dance group is different from many other surprise entertainers since the entire group consists of performers with a professional background.

Safety Concerns in Sports Direct Town

_88334331_insideout-sportsdirect1According to a new report released by the BBC, overcrowded houses in Sports Direct town Shirebrook, Derbyshire are causing safety concerns.

Shirebrook is currently home for at least 3500 workers of Sports Direct, the UK’s biggest sports goods vendor.

The BBC uncovered that many houses in the area had been would they call “carved into flats”, including rooms that had been partitioned right down the middle of its windows.

When asked, the Bolsover Council said in a public statement that it was caught off guard by the sudden influx of workers in town.

According to the report, there are now 46 housing complaints related to overcrowding asf fire safety. Several repairs had been made last year from April to December.

The majority of Sports Direct workers who live in Shirebrook and are currently employed in the company’s warehouse are coming from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and other Eastern European nations.

Along with those employees there are about 500 Sports Direct staff housed in town

More than 1500 people have moved to Shirebrook in recent years, equalling more than 10% of the 13,000 residents. Many of those are renting rooms in houses near the company headquarters.

Steve Cathcart, the town’s police community support officer in a publicly statement: “”There’s been an influx of Eastern Europeans and the landlords that own the houses are carving these houses up into flats.”

One major concern about this development is a significant fire risk. Among those properties investigated, more than 30 were a particular worry.

Many of those carved out flats are lacking fire doors.

At Argos Fire Ltd. in Exeter you can get more information on the latest in modern fire detection and prevention including the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system.

Finding Fitness & Yoga Classes

yoga-1If you’re interested in doing something for your fitness, one of the best ways to go about this is if you attend classes and training courses. Having a competent trainer right there who teaches you sure beats attending a gym where you are usually alone and without any assistance. And, one thing is for sure, if you’re together with others in a training class it is a lot more fun as well!

On the other hand, finding training is not always easy, depending where you live. Should you happen to live in a larger city, this usually isn’t a problem since you will likely have a community college or similar place nearby were they normally offer such classes. But what if you don’t have a community college or don’t know where to look in your particular town?

Fortunately, pretty much any town today has one or more fitness gyms. In recent times, a lot of those started to also offer complete training classes along with their standard gym memberships. For example, here in London, a lot of gyms such as the London Fields Fitness Studio for yoga in London Fields offer such classes including classes for weight loss or martial arts.

Most of the time, and in particular if you have already a membership of such a studio attending those fitness or yoga costs little money. The London Fields  Fitness Studio where I’m going to for example has several different passes available that will allow you to attend a whole bunch of such courses. Others may be pay-as-you-go but they are still rather cheap.

So if you’re looking for fitness and yoga classes in your town and don’t know where to look for them, I recommend that you first check out the fitness studios in your neighbourhood. Call them and ask them whether they offer such classes, this might be the best way to get this information.

Sports and Schools In The UK

SportsI had my friend Henry asking me about sports in my children’s school. Henry is about to choose a school for his children but is not too overwhelmed from what he saw when it comes to team sports in those schools he researched.

Guess what! I had the same problem back several years ago when I wanted a great school for my children that also has a priority on sports such as soccer or cricket. For our family, sports is really important!

What I saw is that most public schools here in the UK are severely lacking when it comes to sports. And this is exactly why we prefer private, independent schools!

In my research I found that most private schools in the UK have normally a much better selection on sports; most of them even have teams and a good number of the schools have excellent sports facilities as well. Today this is something rather rare if you look at most of our public schools.

So what I told Henry was that he shouldn’t even bother with public school, it’s really a waste of time if sports play a big role in your family. I told him about Kingshottschool, the school we choose for our children here in Herts. So if you are in Hertfordshire and want to know about Hertfordshire private schools I can highly recommend it to you!


Can Oliver Wilson Rise From The Golfing Graveyard Again?


Oliver Wilson has taken the lead in Dunhill Links causing some to wonder whether the Englishman can rise again from the golfing graveyard.

Since the 2008 Ryder Cup, Wilsops has dropped down the rankings but his good form on the Old Course is now an opportunity to establish himself again in the sports.

The weather on the course turned gorgeous after a rather nasty start. Some say it was out of respect for the player, a beaming presence himself as he shot round the Old Course in 65 strokes, propelling himself to the top of the leaderboard as he did so.

While his rankings dropped considerably ever since the 2008 Ryder Cup, his play on the linkslands of Fife and Angus by many is now seen less of a return to form than a real rise from the golfing graveyard.

This is not surprising seeing that he arrived here in 792nd place in the world rankings and a Top 5 place would likely regain him the European Tour card as he did just three years ago. A win would give him full playing privileges for two years again. One can only hope and follow this with excitement!