Sports and Schools In The UK

SportsI had my friend Henry asking me about sports in my children’s school. Henry is about to choose a school for his children but is not too overwhelmed from what he saw when it comes to team sports in those schools he researched.

Guess what! I had the same problem back several years ago when I wanted a great school for my children that also has a priority on sports such as soccer or cricket. For our family, sports is really important!

What I saw is that most public schools here in the UK are severely lacking when it comes to sports. And this is exactly why we prefer private, independent schools!

In my research I found that most private schools in the UK have normally a much better selection on sports; most of them even have teams and a good number of the schools have excellent sports facilities as well. Today this is something rather rare if you look at most of our public schools.

So what I told Henry was that he shouldn’t even bother with public school, it’s really a waste of time if sports play a big role in your family. I told him about Kingshottschool, the school we choose for our children here in Herts. So if you are in Hertfordshire and want to know about Hertfordshire private schools I can highly recommend it to you!


The World’s Fastest Golf Buggy

fastest-golf-cartThe average golf buggy is not exactly a Formula One race car. In fact,  a typical golf cart won’t go much beyond 24 km/h.

Now, Plum Quick Motors revealed what they are calling a high performance golf cart that will go a staggering 190 km/h… faster than most normal cars today can even go!

Most golf carts move along with a bit of zip, but none come close to the speed achieved by Plum Quick Motors on October 31, 2014.

The astonishing golf buggy completing a quarter-mile of the track in only 12.241 seconds and thus earned itself a new Guinness world record,  beating the previous record of hundred 165km/h!


Better Odds At The Races: What Horse Racing Insiders Say

For the majority of “casuals” who are into horse racing in the United Kingdom, the races are simply not more but also no less than a gamble. They bet either on a whim, based on their instincts or some “sure tips” they got from a buddy. Others take the easy route: They bet mostly on particular race’s favorites which means that they have a decent chance to win but then the payout will normally be rather measly.

horse-racing-3All the above common ways to approach horse racing are certainly not how the horse racing professionals do it.

No serious horse racing professional would bet on everyone else’s favorites and then happily go home with some change in their pockets.

The pros in that business know that higher risk means potential better winnings. The key is to bet “off-the-beaten-path”, so to speak, to maximize winnings and payouts.

I asked my buddy Harold about his strategy at the races. Harold is one of those guys who actually makes a living off horse racing. He told me that he never uses those public and commonly circulating racing tips and suggestions that some of the major papers and websites publish before each race. Instead, he tries to be ahead of everyone else.

“If you bet on those horses anyone else bets on you sure won’t get rich at the races. The key here is to have an edge over others and the only way to do this is by obtaining insider horse racing knowledge”, he told me.

“You can either spend a good part of your life studying the races, keep track of wins and losses and become a pro predicting the odds at the track, or you take advantage of other people’s professional knowledge and use this. And this is exactly what I do!”.

He told me that his job doesn’t allow that he spends a crazy amount of time researching the races. He recommended a racing tips subscription from a reliable source. He said that the Horse Racing Pro is one guy he recommends for racing tips UK after he researched quite a good number of racing tips providers.

“Those racing tips can give you good insider knowledge to make better bets with better payouts. You will see for yourself how you will gradually become better applying those strategies and how you will win a lot more often. Not everyone can dedicate their entire life studying the races and this is why I always recommend such a subscription.”

Can Oliver Wilson Rise From The Golfing Graveyard Again?


Oliver Wilson has taken the lead in Dunhill Links causing some to wonder whether the Englishman can rise again from the golfing graveyard.

Since the 2008 Ryder Cup, Wilsops has dropped down the rankings but his good form on the Old Course is now an opportunity to establish himself again in the sports.

The weather on the course turned gorgeous after a rather nasty start. Some say it was out of respect for the player, a beaming presence himself as he shot round the Old Course in 65 strokes, propelling himself to the top of the leaderboard as he did so.

While his rankings dropped considerably ever since the 2008 Ryder Cup, his play on the linkslands of Fife and Angus by many is now seen less of a return to form than a real rise from the golfing graveyard.

This is not surprising seeing that he arrived here in 792nd place in the world rankings and a Top 5 place would likely regain him the European Tour card as he did just three years ago. A win would give him full playing privileges for two years again. One can only hope and follow this with excitement!