Surprise Entertainment in the UK

When you have watched the music and entertainment scene in the UK, you will likely have noticed the steep rise in popularity of what is called “surprise entertainment” in the recent years. Surprise entertainment encompasses such things like wedding singers where a group of singers may perform disguised as waiters (“Singing Waiters”), but also things like flash mobs. Basically, any type of entertainment that has a “surprise” component to it.


Surprise entertainment is highly popular in the UK.

Most of the time, surprise entertainment is the type of entertainment you can find at private weddings or parties.

People book those acts because they can make sure that they will make a deep impression, as compared to standard entertainment like bands or DJs.

But surprise entertainers are not just very popular for private parties and family events, they’re also highly in demand for “professional” entertainment like corporate entertainment.

One issue with surprise entertainment acts in the UK is that not all of them are equally good. In the same way as there are actors or musical bands that can be better or more popular than others, first class quality surprise entertainment acts in the UK are actually rather rare. Among the best and most popular right now are The Singing Waiters. This professional sing and dance group is different from many other surprise entertainers since the entire group consists of performers with a professional background.