Einvoicing If You’re In The Sports Business

electronic-invoiceVirtually any type of profession, and in particular those where you are often on the go as is the case when you are in the sports business, can benefit from electronic invoicing.

But before I let you know about why you should consider einvoicing, me just give you a short overview what it is.

Simply spoken, einvoicing means that you will be able to send and receive invoices over the Internet. This alone of course has already many advantages but it’s not only the speed of electronic invoicing which makes it so attractive.

One of its other advantages is that it can give you a tremendous amount of mobility since electronic invoicing allows you to do your invoices wherever you are as long as you have a smart phone or laptop on hand. Said differently, rather than having to sit down and then spend considerable time doing your invoices at home or in your office, you can now do invoices any time you want and in a much shorter time. Better even, depending on your profession you may not even require an office any longer.

Electronic invoicing is therefore ideal for all types of freelancers or the self-employed.

If you are like me, being a sports journalist or having a similar job, you will likely head from one sporting event to the other. I can now do invoices in the car or on breaks or basically in any moments of free time. Electronic invoicing has helped me significantly to cut down on time which I now have for other, more important things.

Last but not least, electronic invoicing is very affordable and really easy to do. At what is Einvoicing you can learn all about in case you have any questions.

So if you’re in the sports business and want to do things more efficiently, I recommended that you check out electronic invoicing because of the many benefits it will have.

The World’s Fastest Golf Buggy

fastest-golf-cartThe average golf buggy is not exactly a Formula One race car. In fact,  a typical golf cart won’t go much beyond 24 km/h.

Now, Plum Quick Motors revealed what they are calling a high performance golf cart that will go a staggering 190 km/h… faster than most normal cars today can even go!

Most golf carts move along with a bit of zip, but none come close to the speed achieved by Plum Quick Motors on October 31, 2014.

The astonishing golf buggy completing a quarter-mile of the track in only 12.241 seconds and thus earned itself a new Guinness world record,  beating the previous record of hundred 165km/h!